Semi-Automatic Bagger Machine

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The BAGGER MACHINE is a semi-automatic/automatic machine that arranges the bottles made of thermoplastic material, in order to be easily sorted in parallel rows, before being bagged in plastic bags which are then sealed through heat sealing.
The task of the operator assigned to the machine is limited to positioning the thermoplastic bag (semi-automatic model) or roller (automatic model).
The main machine components are listed below:
  • Bottle infeed conveyor belt
  • Heat sealing bar
  • Accumulation and preparation table
  • Bottle sliding surface for packaging
  • Counting and bottle pusher unit in infeed
  • Conveyor belt suction unit
  • Pusher unit for bottle packaging
  • Electric control panel

Standard sizes of bags model:
• Width up to 1200 mm
• Length up to 1400 mm
• Height of the bottle 350 mm