Manual Bottle Bagger Machine

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THE MANUAL BOTTLE BAGGER MACHINE is a machine that operates in semi-automatic mode, which sets up thermoplastic bottles arriving from a conveyor belt, on a surface in parallel rows for bagging in heat-sealed plastic bags.
The main machine components are listed below:
- Bottle infeed conveyor belt
- Accumulation table
- Bottle pusher unit
- Heat sealer
- Bag filling surface
- Electric board
The machine will, automatically, provide to the formation of the surface to be bagged. The bottles are moved through a conveyor belt and placed on the accumulation table through a pneumatic pusher. When the number of desired bottles has been reached, the machine alerts the operator with audio and visual signals.
The operator has the task of manually hooking on the bag; to do so, the filling surface can be moved sideways, making it easy to place the edge of the bag on the designated anchoring points.
The bag is filled with bottles by shifting the carriage by its handle.
When bagging is finished, the heat sealing unit closes the bag.