High Speed Automatic Bagger Machine

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The HIGH SPEED AUTOMATIC BAGGER MACHINE has been designed to pack bottles made of thermoplastic material inside ldpe bags, preformed automatically starting from a reel. The machine can be powered by standard conveyor belts or by air conveyors as in the case of high speed production of pet bottles.
The task of the operator in charge of the system is limited exclusively to the supply of reels and removal of the pallet ready to be stored.
This type of packaging, in addition to protecting the bottles completely from external contamination, dramatically reduces the packaging costs and facilitates management, as countless types of packages, for different sizes, are not required.
The machine is equipped with sealing bars for total sealing of the formed bag.

Main parts of the standard machine:
- Infeed conveyor belt
- Electric drive bottle shifter powered by brushless motor
- Accumulation and preparation table
- Three sealing bars
- Outfeed conveyor belt
- Palletiser for pallet formation max h 3500 mm
- Electric board
- Tfc control panel
- Router for remote support