Gravitational Orienter

Gravitational Orienter

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The gravitational orienter is a machine which has the function of conveying the caps from a loading height to an unloading height.
During this operation a selection is carried out, making use of the geometrical features of the caps. This selection allows only the caps with their bottom resting on the conveyor belt to reach the exit device.
The load hopper collects the caps through suitably shaped and sized slats which are fixed onto the surface of the conveyor belt.
The size of the slats is such that only the caps which have a base resting on the belt will be conveyed upward.
The correctly oriented caps are selected by a mobile roller, whose position change the slant of the belt. This way, the caps whose base does not touch the belt - due to their shape and to the position of their centre of gravity - tend to tip over and fall off the belt, going back to the hopper.
Once this operation has been completed, the slant of the belt is brought back to a value which confers steady position to the cap. The caps are ejected by air blows which convey the caps into a single row channel. If this channel fills up, the caps are re-conveyed to the hopper.


  • Indicative production 120.000 pieces/h (depends on type of capsule)
  • Min. capsule diameter: Ø10 mm
  • Max. capsule diameter Ø60 mm
  • Max capsule ovalization: +/- 0.2 mm
  • Operating temperature: min. 10° max. 50°