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The Debagger is a machine that operates in semi-automatic mode that, starting from a block of palletised bottles, allows channelling them in a single row, and sending them towards a conveyor belt set up at the outfeed.
The Debagger is formed essentially by a modular conveyor belt on which the operator positions all the bottles, palletised and contained in a bag, which must be removed manually, and a transversal conveyor belt equipped with vane to push the bottles, that carries a row of bottles at a time toward the outfeed belt.
The main machine components are listed below:
- Modular conveyor belt
- Transversal conveyor belt
- Electric board
- Control panel
The operating principle of the Debagger is based on a simple sequence of movements managed by the machine’s central control system, which controls and enables the various operations.
The containers, arranged in parallel rows, are set up on the track by the operator; the rows, which are dragged as a group, are sent towards the vertical conveyor belt.
When the row is against the vertical conveyor belt, the moving track stops and the vertical conveyor belt uses a vane to push the row of bottles, shifting them towards the conveyor belt at the outfeed.