Automatic Palletiser Table for Flat Sheets/Trays

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The automatic palletiser table for flat sheets is a machine that arranges plastic objects (bottles, jars, caps, etc.) in layers on pallets, with flat sheets separating them, until the required height is reached.

The objects are conveyed inside the equipment by a belt conveyor, creating an orderly row consisting of the number of pieces previously set on the operator panel. Once the required number of pieces is reached, the flow is stopped by a pneumatic locking cylinder. The parts are then moved sideways onto the storage table, where the full layer is formed before being transferred onto a pallet by a pick-up unit with suction head.

After the layer has been transferred, the pallet drops to a position equal to the height of the object itself. Before transferring the containers onto a pallet, the flat sheet is picked up from the magazine next to the pallet lifter and positioned by a pick-up head with suckers. The cycles are repeated until the pallet is completed and a buzzer sounds to alert the operator to remove the full pallet and insert an empty one.